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questions linking him to his girlfriend's death and now the lead investigator is now being investigated himself. the direction the debate is now heading... good morning, will it be mostly sunny or will we get some clouds, i will explain. stay with us.
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. a new bombshell in the case of an olympic track star charged with murder, why the lead investigator is now being investigated himself. and we have agreeing problem with homeless and we will tell you what the city is doing about it. they are responding to the growing danger, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on this thursday february 21st, i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave
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cook, let's check weather and traffic, steve a beautiful morning. >> the moon is almost full. >> there is almost a full moon out there by the way, we do have a little bit of a breeze, temperatures 30s and 40s and also a few snow showers up in the sierra, upper 50s and lower 60s, here is my good friend sal. good morning westbound 24 not a bad drive heading to the tunnel this is a look at san jose and 280, not a bad start let's go back to the desk. will they say or will they go as you know they are pushing for a strategy and now they are provide being guidelines for a possible move to san jose. reporter claudine wong joins us with this new development, claudine? >> reporter: well, palm we
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don't know -- pam, we don't know what the guidelines are but when you talk about how the oakland a's would facilitate a move to san jose that is a big deal when you talk about this long an ongoing battle. this battle has been going on for years but as the los angeles times reports, they don't guarantee a move but what they do is make a vote by club owners more of a possibility. if they voice concerns in these guidelines, they could let the club owners vote on the issue. in order for the a's to move to san jose, a couple of things have to happen. 75% of club owners would have to vote to approve the move to san jose. to be clear even if it was approved, owners could block the project by suing. but we spoke to them this morning and they think the a's
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will eventually go. >> i think it would be cool if we had a new stadium. >> do you think they have a good chance of getting one in oakland or a better chance in san jose. >> san jose, yeah. >> so what could possibly be in these guidelines, number one they have to show it can make money once it is done which is a big concern. >> reporter: not a lot of reaction but baseball tells the l.a. times the committee continues to work hard on this complex complicated situation. meantime, a's are coming off a fantastic season getting ready for this year to get underway and a move is not likely to come any time soon regardless of the proposal, they will move to keep the team here no matter what happens in this process and they can play here until 2017. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2
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morning news. new this morning, prosecution in the oscar pistorius case in south africa is now making its final arguments on why he should not get out on bail. he is getting public sympathy for getting death threats for the killing of his girlfriend and he also said, oscar pistorius was no victim, that he shot to kill. the lead detective in this case has been charged with firing on a mini-bus tax i two years ago and he is accused of attempted murder and the bail decision is expected to come tomorrow. a reported barricade situation near the cal campus appears to have been a false alarm. s.w.a.t. teams were called to a home in jefferson shortly after 11:00 last night. police immediately shut down streets after getting reports
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of a man hold up inside a house. several neighbors reported hearing gunfire however police left the scene after concluding nobody was inside the home and they are still not clear what created that confusion. a $5,000 reward is being used to help catch a rapest. pell met to pro -- police met to provide nighttime security escorts. it is in response to a woman assaulted on campus and a shooting as the bus stop during a robbery. police have released two sketches of the suspects. on the left is the bus stop shooting suspect and on the right is the rape suspect, police do not believe the cases are linked at this time. homeless camp -- a homeless camp is growing in san jose. claudine wong is there to talk about how city leaders -- janine de la vega is there to talk about how city leaders
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plan to address this issue. >> reporter: you can see the set up tents and clustered around a tree and that's one of many tents set up here and i want to show you how close this is to the san jose airport. you can see it is right there where you can see all the red lights and city officials say it is becoming an eyesore having this tent city set up here. san jose has been struggling to deal with this situation but it has cost about 20,000 dollars a day and the homeless keep moving back a long creek beds. the latest is so much of a concern that department officials have counted about 100 people out here in reportedly 70 tent tent and
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they -- 70 tents and they say it has unprecedented growth and needs to be cleaned up first week of march and they don't want this land to be over taken by the homeless and this is such a concern because they are worried about public safety and they are also worried about the sanitary conditions here and garbage collecting here as well. i have reached out to a member of city council and we are hoping to hear back from him coming up on mornings on 2. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in just about 30 minutes from right now, vice-president joseph biden will take part in a gun prevention violence program just a few miles away from the newtown connecticut shooting. he will be speaking with one of the parents of a young girl killed in the shooting.
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that is not the reason this particular area was chosen as the conference site. they will consider two am knicks control proposals and mayor ed lee announced legislation back in december, one measure requires anybody who buys more than 500 rounds of ammunition to give i.d. and another one makes it illegal to have hollow -- for police officers to have hollow point bullets. they are trying to stop what is known as the sequester and every program will have to be cut by 10%. coming up, how thousands of students across the country will be affected by the cuts. sal is ready, he will get you where you need to go, including on the east shore. yes, we have seen a light commute so far and we have not
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had a lot of incidents which is good, not a lot of stalled vehicles and this is a little bit of a backup and it looks like there are no major problems if then on to the bridge. respectively they are looking good over to highway 101, let's go to steve. breezy cool, lows 30s and 40s, breezy in fact it is blustery in parts of the coast, mostly sunny, a little cooler sunday and maybe most of next week. a little system is coming down, a spoke in the wheel, it is a fast mover but it has produced some clouds, it is moving in the middle of the country and it's actually around new mexico but boy is that a whopper. if there is any precipitation
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it will be extremely light and it looks like a dry forecast although windy at times, problems are with the hourlies and that's why there is missing data. 30s and 0s, yesterday we had -- 30s and 40s, yesterday we had a lot of upper 20s and it is there is the system up in the sierra nevada and it's producing some light snow and blue canyon has had some light snow. look at the size of this system, right there, that is coming on the backside of that into colorado and also into the texas panhandle and there is mixed precipitation there have been reports of snow. patchy low clouds, a few high clouds at times, very low 60s and temperatures are staying slightly below average, and we are bumping those temperatures up sunday and monday. before you sit down to have
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your breakfast this morning, you might want to hear this, a branch serial is being -- cereal is being recalled because of glass. and one area is fighting blight, and one area is fighting back. and it may be on a larger scale than first thought, we will explain. [ male announcer ] are you a business traveler
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at&t. ♪
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. we have new video from syria where a car bomb exploded killing at least 35 people and it happened near damascus syria's ruling party not far from the russian embassy. also killed 18 people in another city and mortgager rounds are being exploded near the syrian army general command. also this morning, three muslims have been convicted of plotting a terrorist attack in england. they planned to bomb the mass transit in london and it could have been deadlier than the bombing in 2005. 52 passengers died that day. chinese cyber spice are accused of targeting not just newspapers and law firms and think tanks, but also institutions according to the washington post. cyber spice are going after information on how government
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officials make decisions. hackers linked to a secret site near shank high have -- shanghai have been targeting organizations all over the world. spending cuts are affecting millions of people here in california. as kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. borough, these -- borough, without them it would have an effect on everyday cuts. >> reporter: it will affect your child's education and this is just a start of what could be affected by the cuts known as the sequester. funding will be cut for educational programs and that means head start will not be available to everybody who is enrolled right now. it is estimated 16,000 teachers nationwide would loose teachers
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because they would loose funding. even college programs will be cut and financial aid will that some students to drop out. education is just one area where they will face the sequester. the white house blames republicans saying they are not willing to negotiate on a long term spending plan and tax increases and obama said the sequester was his idea in the first place and i will sort out all of these facts. in overnight news, five people have been killed after a small jet ran off a runway in eastern georgia. it happened last night at an airport 30 miles west of augusta. the jet had just taken off from nashville and no word on what caused the crash. a veteran's affairs will be
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a is at fault for the death of one of its workers. richard was, woulding at the medical center at lands end researching a rare form of meningitis when he died last year from a bloodstream infection. osha faulted the va center for not providing paperworking conditions and they have taken several steps to improve the problem. they are taking a step and a fight against blight. they are requiring them to register those properties with the city and they are asking them to submit a written statement about how to maintain and it could read that a fine of $250 a day. the whole goal is to produce a number of buildings which have been playing richmond for years. and a new report which says thousands of public school teachers are assigned to classes they are not
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credentialed to teach. coming up, which schools have the most unqualified teachers in the classroom. 6:17 sal will take us down to the south bay for a look at traffic. good morning to you if you are just joining us, as a matter of fact we are doing well when it comes to most of the freeway traffic around the bay. there have been no major problems if you are driving over to 101 and to the bay shore freeway. let's move along and take a look at the bay shore freeway which is backed up to the mcarthur maze, it is a 10 to 15 minute delay, i would say more than 10, no major problems once you get on to the area itself. bay shore freeway looks good from burlingame, it's still looking good on 101 and yesterday we had such a terrible day and today it's still looking okay, let's go to steve.
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a little bit of a breeze is windy on the north coast and some temperatures are holding up and 30s and 40s , a system is clipping the sierra nevada, occasionally it is coming out of the northwest, really strong low we had on tuesday is turning into a heck of a system on to the rockies and the planes, occasionally we will get up in the sierra to a half inch of snow and that should be out of the picture. we are seeing patchy low clouds, a few high clouds, kind of high, upper low 60s and also along the coast, it's more than just a breeze, rather blustery at times, it is a little cooler and rebound on those temperatures warmer sunday and monday. this morning, the labor announced -- labor department announced it is a little better and they find for first time unemployment benefits, that is open for a week slow but steady
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improvement in the nation's labor market. check cover for special k red berry serial. they are -- cereal. there may be tiny glass fragments, they want to err on the side of caution. three boxes are involved in the recall and anybody who has the cereal should take it back to the store and get a replacement on the box. it could involved putting something in the water. the efforts to save wayward penguin as turned up 1,000 miles away from where it lives.
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. welcome back, they are review a report to add floride to the county's drinking water. the county strongly supports the move in what they are calling a dental health crisis especially those from low- income families. critics say floride can cause serious health problems. they are making it easier to report crimes and they are
6:26 am
taking online crime reports from minor thefts, harassing phone calls and vandalism. the online system will allow for quick analysis of trends and help police focus where to send patrols. and campus police at san jose state university will soon be wearing cameras on their uniforms. police in oakland are already using the devices while on patrol. they tell the spartan daily that they recommend officers keep the cameras turned on when they make contact with anybody and it will provide a record of officer's actions and it will provide proof for when claims are public schools in californi have assigned classes to teenagers they are -- teachers
6:27 am
they are not credentialed to teach. as a result, teachers assigned to classes they are not even interested in teaching and it's happening more at low income students which have more low income learners an english learners. they have more online classes and today they will announce the ad in 29 universities including 16 to the u.s. and its partnerships. some classes will be taught in spanish, chinese and friend. and they are offering classes in other hanging allowing more students to take part. they are bringing wasps to campus on purpose. they brought in the african wasp to help protect the olive trees and they are under attack by the olive fruit flies and they are the natural predator
6:28 am
of the fruit fly. workers are trying to save this penguin which wandered far away from its home. they discovered it 1,000 miles away from its natural habitat in and the antarctica. they say the penguin is very weak and does not want to stand. the poor thing is still in critical condition hope the little guy gets better. they are getting filled up as they normally are, this is 280 still getting into the valley and the valley is getting a late start so if you are early you will have a little bit of an advantage. 508 is not especially busy through livermore, it is crowded but we have not had a
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lot of stop and go. let's go to steve mostly clear. a little breezy at times, upper 50s and lower 60s. we will have that coming up in 10 minutes, pam. >> how can you be sure the fish you buy is what you paid for. a study which reveals seafood fraud, next. >> the opening bell is about to ring, we will tell you about safe way and hp.
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welcome back, safe way profits are up. there is the opening bell, and hewlett packard also another stock to watch this morning, we are just looking it up right there, decent news this morning for hewlett packard, first quarter earnings 71 cents per share and we have a lot of stock news and business news coming up. well, we will smile, say good morning to you february 21st. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. some consumer alerts some seafood lovers are getting ripped off and tara moriarty is at fisherman's wharf this morning and there is something going on fishy about miss
6:33 am
labeled, fish, tara? >> reporter: they say you are not getting what you paid for and one out of three times you are getting a lower grade fish. they performed genetic testing from nearly 700 retail outlets, grocery stores restaurants throughout the united states through 2012 and they found 40% of the fish bought in northern california was not what it was reported to be. they found miss labeling in 21 states the study was conducted. san jose and los angeles were among the offenders and they did not reveal where the seafood was sold and restaurants were the biggest offenders they are selling miss eye didn't paid to fish 70% of the time and that's according to where miss labeling in restaurant occurred half that
6:34 am
much. pennsylvania had the highest miss labeling and we will tell you more about fish tacos sold in california and why the results may concern health officials. live in san jose, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a report that a bart passenger was attacked in south san francisco right after getting off the train. the victim is describe as a 19 -- described as a 19-year-old exchange student. she just left and was walking on the centennial trail when she was attacked at 6:00 last night. she was able to get free and run for help. she is describing the attacker as latino or asian male between 5-foot 7 and 5-foot 9 inches tall and he was wearing a sweatshirt and dark colored pants. they want everybody to take
6:35 am
a close look at these grainy photos of the two men. a surveillance camera at a chevron station took these pictures shortly before the deadly attack. they also took a picture of the truck they may have been driving. sheriff's deputies want to question them about the shooting of three people earlier this month. a colorado man is in custody already and they have linked the killings to a botched marijuana deal. officers arrested one man after learning his repair business was really a stolen chop shop in san francisco. he now faces several charges after the california highway patrol discovered his illegal business. chp conducts routine inspections of auto repair facilities and they found parts of a toyota suv.
6:36 am
officers say consumers should contact them if they ever feel they are being given stolen car parts. >> i was not too comfortable with something and that's enough. let us know their concern and we can perform an inspection on that site. >> and be aware, people who unknowingly purchased a stolen car part will be out of the money they paid for it. >> now we are hearing the obama administration is urging the supreme court to overturn proposition 8 and the ban on gay marriages. they have one week to file a friends of the court brief -- friend of the court brief and they have filed support, which is the state of the union address and while they operate independently, the opinion of the president does carry weight with the court. >> the justices are in washington d.c. at least part of the year and they hear it and they are at the same
6:37 am
cocktail parties and they are at the same events, so they know, they hear what the president says. >> they are due to hear arguments on march 26th. the oakland athletics now have a moving plan. they reportedly have given them a potential move to hand sows. -- san jose. claudine wong joins us with this major new development, claudine? >> they are talking about entering that 4th year and really, allowing them to move from coliseum down to san jose is significant and certainly when you talk about these guidelines, it is development you will want to keep an eye on. these tentative guidelines are creating a framework for the teams to show a move will be vie and and -- viable and successful. this all comes from a los angeles times report but if the
6:38 am
a's can meet the guidelines it does make way for a vote and that's a critical step. remember, in order for the a's to move to san jose, a couple of things have to happen. 70% would have to vote to both approve the move to san jose and rescind the giant's rights to the territorial area. if approved they could block it and they will expect the team to fight. most want the a's to stay in oakland and they all seem to agree the longer this drags out, the less likely that is. >> i don't think so. >> you think they are going? >> i think they would go. >> but you will go with them. >> i am an "a"s and if so i will follow. >> it is hard to say without specifics, we do know viability is the hot topics and major
6:39 am
league baseball says it's not going to be financially viable. they have already pledged new point in to a stadium and they will have to build and plan and make it success is full once it is built, at this point, not many or much is involved in the process but if you can wait, it is nothing new. city of oakland is trying to convince the a's if they should stay here in the city but one just posted a comment where essaying, oh doesn't think the oakland politicians really care. live in oakland ktvu channel claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. coming up, the reason they don't seem interested in bidding for the 2024 games. >> interesting and you know why. >> sal knows why we are talking about train delays, which one? >> dave, pam, we do have train
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number one which is delayed more than 20 minutes now leaving the central valley, 20 to 25 minutes behind if you are on the schedule and take the train you will be a little bit late. i assume you will allow yourself is extra time and we don't know if train number 5 will be delayed as well but it is delayed according to a's. we have a 15 minute delay which is filled in and they will be slow as well. also this morning, you are looking at interstate 880, the traffic here looks good if you are driving north and southbound. not bad, 101 and highway 1 are off to a good start and the only slow traffic we have been able to find is 17 and it is sticky coming over the mountains to los gatos. let's go to steve. it is an awesome cold and
6:41 am
over to grenada, it is also cold. we have a couple of symptoms which have produced some light snow up in the sierra nevada and into las vegas where it is 38 degrees. you can see some clouds are moving through patchy low clouds, breezy to windy for some, that thursday low is a big system as it moves out of the rockies into the northern planes. dry forecast in fact the weekend is looking sunny and warm. windy at times, it is out of the northwest, a little bit cool but i tell you the snow in the desert was spectacular. occasional systems are clipping us and it looks like things are winding down, mostly sunny, patch -- mostly sunny, it is not as cold as we were
6:42 am
yesterday morning, we were in the upper 30s and 40s and we are still slightly below average, a week system drags across, it looks sunny and warmer most of next week. you see i can't even describe this. in kansas they call this thunder snow. in parts of kansas it was several different kinds of extreme weather plus they got all of that snow lots of it. it is part of the winter storm cue which is slamming the nation. according to the national weather service a foot of snow is expected all the way through illinois, pam. >> oh, boy. 6:40 coming up next, a new look at that explosion and the safety measures some say should have been taken.
6:43 am
live in fairfield where an accused hearing is expected to take place for the murder of a 13-year-old girl and we will also have a ceremony for the victim.
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. good morning, it will be mostly sunny today, a few high
6:46 am
60s and lower 50s. here is some of the top stories we are following, vice- president joseph biden is taking part in this conference, this is a gun violence conference this morning not far from the site of the newtown connecticut shooting and you can see some of the panel members, this is held at western state connecticut university and we have not seen the vice-president yet. by the way a parent of one of the little girls killed, the parents are among the speakers and we will bring you more later on. fish are often miss labeled in grocery stores. the study is claiming one-third of the sea fold nationwide was
6:47 am
miss identified and the city of san jose may take some action to clear out agreeing homeless camp -- growing homeless camp. it may be cleaned out the beginning of march. we have some breaking news from las vegas. we understand at least three people are dead after a shooting on the strip. take a look at this live picture right now. this is on the strip, obviously a very serious crash burned out there. we understand at least three people were hurt and we are just getting the initial information in las vegas and we understand the shooting happened at 420 testimony them this morning -- 4:20 this morning and it started as a
6:48 am
shootout between two cars and the shooting caused a chain reaction crash, part of las vegas boulevard was shut down and all of the news agencies are reporting at least three people are dead and we do not know if any of those people were inside the cars and again in las vegas, as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. the man accused of killing and kidnapping a 13-year-old girl will appear in court. brian flores is in fairfield with more on what is expected to happen on today's hearing, brian? >> reporter: today is a continuation hearing for an accused murderer, lamar jones and prosecutors had to go over 1,000 pages of evidence and the judge decided to postpone it
6:49 am
until today. the hearing is expected to be brief but we may hear more details about the case. he could get either life in prison or the death penalty. he is accused of allegedly killing genelle conway allen in the area jones was identified early in the investigation but details leading up to genelle conway allen's death including allegations from his estranged wife. genelle conway allen was on her way home in fairfield when somehow she crossed paths with jones. jones acted alone according to authorities and a grave side service will be held at the venetia cemetery and several showed up here last week for genelle conway allen. this hearing is scheduled for
6:50 am
8:30 this morning and jones is currently being held without bail. in fairfield, ktvu channel 2 morning news. new video to show you about that massive explosion on the kansas city restaurant. surveillance captured the explosion on tuesday as it was happening. authorities say a cable company worker hit a gasoline causing a leak an hour before that blast and we are finding out, customers were evacuated before the explosion but some of the workers stayed behind. one worker died in that explosion, 15 others were hurt, critics say the gas should have been turned off. thousands who have been under water in their mortgages are back in the black again. almost 57 homes gained more worth than those oh on their
6:51 am
mortgages. home prices are the same as they were at their peeks in 2007 and nearly every part of the bay area is seeing a surge with several offers on homes. the bay area peers out of the running -- bay area peers to be out of the running for the 2024 olympics. they contacted mayors of 25 countries gauging their interest in the games but mayor chuck read said they can't afford even the $10 million to put in a bid. mayor ed lee is focused on the america's cup and competing for a future super bowl. sal, you are watching the east bay, how is it holding up? >> well it is getting busier.
6:52 am
we started at antioch but it looks good through bay point and on into concord and it's getting slower through pleasant hill and walnut creek but as would you move through panola, traffic is getting slower on richmond's westbound interstate 880 and as we jump down to 880 and fremont, there is a minor crash, the drive between 88 and maury, traffic -- mowry, traffic does look good, now we have more like a 25 minute delay with no problems getting onto the bridge. if you are driving or approaching san jose or santa clara 237 has some slowed traffic crossing 880, let's go to steve. mostly clouds, mid-level clouds, a breeze for some, picks up and mostly on higher elevations a little bit of snow from the sierra and following
6:53 am
the system we had on tuesday, it gave some awesome snow to the desert and now it is moving into the planes but oh cal kegly mostly -- occasionally mostly clouds and it looks like a quiet pattern and i was looking towards next week early march, there is not much that says rain and it will give us some partly cloudy skies and again it is a dry forecast and there goes our low in new mexico and you can see it up in the sierra nevada an occasion naturally light snow on the back edge of that. a few high clouds, breezy, win i, low 50s and 60s and these are slightly below average for this time of year. a system on saturday will cool us down slightly and
6:54 am
temperatures will jump up a little next week. prices remain steady in january. price drops help to offset the cost of the housing and medical care. it is a second month in a row where they remain unchanged and it is better than economists expected. google announced they are working on a touch screen chrome book and they say the google chrome book will uncut the surface tablet and they are not clear when the new device will go on sale. in san francisco, it took more than an hour for police to break it up. this was part of a bigger problem. giant gold fish in lake tahoe, how they got there and the big problems they could cause.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
. dow jones industrial average down 61 points and a couple of stocks to watch, wal- mart reported mixed news and right now that stock is up 6%. they shot some video of a
6:58 am
shocking scene monday morning. >> call the cops. >> you are seeing several street fights, a fight broke out in san francisco and it took police more than an hour to break it all up two officers got hurt. drunk and fights are happening more often and it is a problem where police are understaffed. >> there is a need for more patrols and i have seen the good times and bad times and this is a low point unfortunately. >> the problem for nightclubs keep happening and san francisco police know about the problem and they are trying to do something about it. there is concern about a non native fish in lake tahoe. they are finding a large number of gold fish and they believe it is because people are
6:59 am
dumping fish tanks into the language elake -- fish tanks into the lake. it is particularly worrisome because cold fish can stimulate average if i grow -- algae growth which can affect the lake's clarity. workers are starting to lay out the iconic red carpet and it's 40,000 square feet which takes up 50 man hours. i was going to look up, do they use the same red carpet every year so it new? >> it is probably new. it is interesting. >> i bet. >> sal, i want to know what is happening at the toll plaza. >> you know it is going to be slow, 25 minute delay dave and pam getting into san francisco and it's tightly packed and traffic is not all that great getting to the maze

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